Wednesday, April 24, 2013


NASHVILLE ROCKABILLY 1957-1987: Very few of the sides on this 22-track collection are technically rockabilly, being instead a mixture of countrified R&B, horn-led jump bands, and other odds and ends that approximate rockabilly in tone and approach, which is fine, because it means this set list rocks right along from start to finish no matter what label one throws on it. Drawn from tracks recorded in Nashville between 1957 and 1987, this lively compilation shows there’s been more than just mainstream country going on in Nashville and that’s been true for a very long time. Highlights include Baker Knight's big-band and horn-driven “Bring My Cadillac Back,” a little bit of honky tonk Western swing from Whitey Pullen on “Broke Waitin’ for a Break,” a sleek rockabilly take on “Tear It Up” from Andy Arrow & the Twangtown Mavericks (complete with a guitar break that literally takes over the song midway through), and Jimmy Ellis & the Rockabilly All Stars' “Back on the Street,” among others. It might not add up to a rockabilly collection exactly, but it rocks along pretty well just the same. (Steve Leggett, Allmusic)trax:
1. Bring My Cadillac Back - Baker Knight 2. I Cried - Baker Knight 3. They Wanna Fight - Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters 4. Sandy - Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters 5. Crawdad Song - Chuck Harrod & The Anteaters 6. Broke Waitin' For A Break - Whitey Pullen 7. Jinglin' Janglin' Pockets - Tommy Jay 8. Sandy Jane - Tommy Jay 9. It'd Surprise You - Jan Smith 10. Then You'll Know - Big C & The Galaxies 11. Raid On Cedar Street - Big C & The Galaxies 12. Pipeliner Blues - Moon Mullican 13. That's All Right Mama - Jerry Foster 14. Johnny B. Goode - Nashville Country Jamboree 15. Old Pipeliner - Jimmy Ellis & The Rockabilly All Stars 16. Restless - Jimmy Ellis & The Rockabilly All Stars 17. Back On The Street - Jimmy Ellis & The Rockabilly All Stars 18. You're Never Too Old To Rock & Roll - Jimmy Ellis & The Rockabilly All Stars 19. Get Rhythm - Billy C. & The Sunshine 20. Dixie Fried - Billy C. & The Sunshine 21. Tear It Up - Andy Arrow & The Twangtown Mavericks 22. Big Black Cadillac - Freddie & The Screamers
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