Tuesday, April 2, 2013

‘One Minute Briefs’ Delivers Ads In 60 Seconds

‘One Minute Briefs’ Delivers Ads In 60 Seconds:

Looks like the ‘World’s Fastest Agency’ is no longer the fastest, because there is now a creative team that will answer your briefs in just one minute.

Called ‘One Minute Brief’, it is a concept developed by UK designers Nick Entwistle and James Clancy from the ‘Bank of Creativity’.

At One Minute Briefs, there is only one simple rule: creatives are only allowed one minute to come up with a concept and execute it.

Clients interested in their services can contact them with their advertising issue, after which, the team will use interaction via Twitter—inviting creatives who follow their account to solve the brief.

“We want to change the way people think about advertising and believe that our One Minute Briefs concept can change the way we work which benefits the creative industry whilst also being great fun,” wrote Entwistle and Clancy on the site.

“The beauty of One Minute Briefs is that the ideas that come out of them can be really really shit or really really good. But you’ve only spent one minute on it so it’s all good whatever happens.”

“We often find that the first idea you have is the best. We hope you’ll all get involved…if you’ve got a minute.”

What do you think? Is one minute really enough?

Check out some of their works below:

[via Bank of Creativity and One Minute Brief]