Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photographer Captures Beautiful Smeared Skies With Time-Lapses

Photographer Captures Beautiful Smeared Skies With Time-Lapses:

As the sun slowly but surely sets and clouds move along, each time Ontario, Canada-based photographer Matt Molloy points his camera up to capture the sky, he takes hundreds of pictures at a go.

His ‘Smeared Sky’ series is an experiment with time-lapse sequences, and is created by digitally stacking 100 to 200 photographs—to reveal that the blue yonder isn’t always blue in his picturesque, painting-like photographs.

The “timestack” technique brings about brush stroke effects, caused by moving cloudscapes, to make it seem like the sky is smeared.

“Sometimes the clouds are moving quick and there’s lots of them. If I stack too many photos from a timelapse like that, it can get a little messy,” Molloy told Bored Panda.

[via Matt Molloy]