Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picture Analysis: Boston Culprits Identified?

Picture Analysis: Boston Culprits Identified?:
Reports that the FBI/DHS have identified a potential suspect or suspects are now emerging. According to Reuters, at the time of this writing no arrests have been made.
There are however, persons-of-interest.
A press conference is scheduled for later today, but for the time being law enforcement officials are keeping mum.
Nonetheless, alternative media and internet users have been conducting their own investigations.
And some of the evidence for who the culprit(s) may be is quite compelling.
As you’ll see from the pictures below, it’s possible that a white, middle-aged lone wolf American male was involved. Or, with two bombs, one must consider the possibility, counter to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, that this was not a ‘lone wolf’ attack and that it was carried out by members of foreign terrorist organizations.
The analysis in pictures below, provided by, shows various potential suspects.
And if we’re looking at this, you can bet the FBI, DHS, and others are doing so as well, on a much larger scale.

Raw Video of blasts:
You can view all related images, videos and analysis at
Expect arrests to be made, or official suspect images and descriptions to be released, in short-order.
With the scale and cost of the existing surveillance infrastructure in America, it’s amazing that no one is in custody yet.
Was it a homegrown flag waving Patriot group?
A domestic lone wolf?
Iranian sponsored?
Or Al Queda’s USA-based faction?
Speculation abounds. Theories will emerge. Distractions will be prevalent.
The narrative will soon be released, and as with any government-managed crisis, it will aim to exploit.