Monday, April 29, 2013


RARE 1960'S COUNTRY ROCK FROM NASHVILLE: Classic 1960's Country music from the Nashville based SPAR Records Label. Contains the ultra rare 'Wanted One Mother', written by Willie Nelson & Hank Cochran!, recorded by Hal Kennedy.The Spar Record Company of Nashville, Tennessee was founded in 1961 by veteran record men William Beasley, Alan Bubis and Reynold Bubis. Spar initially concentrated on middle of the road rhythm & blues and pop records, twist and other dance records. But with their incredible distribution network, they soon realized that they could also move their premier imprint (Spar) into rural areas where the majors couldn't compete with them. Rural areas meant country music in the sixties and they soon expanded into that genre. This imprint was wildly successful, and by the mid 1960s Spar and its various other subsidiaries were selling well over a million records every month. An impressive figure then or now. Spar moved into the LP market fairly quickly, releasing both sound alike (at budget price) and individual artist releases on their various album imprints (Spar, Spar Premier, Sterling, Modern Sound, Hit, Nashville Sound, Plantation House). Some of the artists they recorded were country singers Urel Albert, Chase Webster, Moon Mullican, Ricky Page and Carl Story, and instrumentalists Bill Pursell, Jack Eubanks, Jimmy Wilkerson and William Beasley's various orchestral recordings. Spar was an amazing operation. They had their own offices, recording studio, publishing company and even their own pressing plant. They employed musicians, songwriters, arrangers, engineers and producers. The list of musicians alone is quite staggering, the absolute cream of the crop. These people played on every thing from Roy Orbison to Elvis Presley to Bob Dylan and Charlie Rich records. This collection is a fascinating window into a time when musical walls were being torn down and the rules were being broken, so enjoy some of the best music you never heard.trax:
1. It's Been A Long Long Time - Steve Bess 2. Sugar Creek Bottom - Joe Pain 3. I Don't Care, Just As Long As You Love Me - Tom Bell 4. The Heartaches That You Gave Me - Chase Webster 5. From The Cup To The Lip - John Reeves 6. Headlines In My Heart - Rink Hardin 7. I'm Free From Your Love - Gene Snipes 8. Love's Gonna Live Here - Don Branch 9. You've Got To Love Her A Lot - Jay Dee Pepper 10. Mary And Jane - Ken Kennedy 11. Wanted One Mother - Hal Kennedy 12. Such A Short Time - Carl Phillips 13. The Welfare Check - Ken Kennedy 14. Ride Buddy Ride - Urel Albert 15. The Way You've Treated Me For Years - Bob Adams 16. The Swingingest Thing In Town - Urel Albert 17. I Walk Alone - Jack Bond 18. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye - Nashville Country Jamboree 19. I'm A Country Boy - Joe Cash 20. I Haven't Got The Heart - Charlie Jones 21. Me And Bobby McGee - Nashville Country Jamboree 22. Promised Land - The Country Music Five
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