Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seven Reasons Why Co-ops Promote Happiness

Seven Reasons Why Co-ops Promote Happiness:
Aside from championing equality, it seems that co-ops can also make people happier. A recent post over at Co-operative News rounded up seven reasons why co-operatives promote happiness:

  1. You're the boss - you have a vote in how the business is managed

  2. More job security - instead of layoffs, co-operators more often opt for across the board wage cuts

  3. Increased job satisfaction through collective decision making

  4. Collective management - everyone can be the boss

  5. Independence from investors - profits and decisions stay within the enterprise

  6. Cooperation is good for us emotionally

  7. Purpose - coops are underpinned by seven basic principles of cooperation which give workers a sense of purpose
See more on the seven reasons here including links to backup research.