Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Take Everything - Leave Nothing" 1987

"Take Everything - Leave Nothing" 1987: Superb deleted double LP set from the legendary Citadel label from Australia which chronicles the best output.This is a double lp compilation of single sides from Citadel's glorious beginnings, singles that are starting to become harder to find every day, and most of which are now out of print. Soon this lp will be the only way you have to hear a lot of these. That'll be a real shame, because it's as singles that these songs really made it, and somehow hearing songs like, for example, the Trilobites' "Legacy Of Morons" without being able to flip the record over for "American TV" leaves something missing. There are so many good sides missing from this that it's really sad thinking that for many, this will be the only exposure they ever get to the early Citadel 45s. Also, where are the great Lime Spiders' songs like "Out Of Control" or "Slave Girl"?
Nevertheless, taken as a whole, this is a hell of a pleaser for anyone who hasn't been introduced to Citadel's greatness. Most of the bands here spread the ground between the hard edged blazing guitar rock of the New Christs "Like A Curse" and the softer pop of Angie Pepper's "Frozen World". Citadel has never gone in for hardcore or thrash bands like Waterfront (this is not meant as either a positive or negative statement; just the facts)...not that there aren't any bands who can really blister on this, but rather that the typical Citadel band bases their sound around melody, and then put the attack on top of that.
My advice is to buy the singles from Augogo while you still can, but if you aren't into singles or feel you can't afford them, then there are far worse fall back positions than buying this record. - from: http://www.nkvdrecords.com/auslpt_z.htmtraxfromwax:
1. Voodoo Slaves - Minuteman 2. Crying Sun - New Race 3. 100 Fools - Deniz Tek 4. Euro Girls - The Visitors 5. Make You Mine - The Stems 6. Igloo - Screaming Tribesmen 7. Love Will Grow - The Stems 8. Venus in Leather - The Trilobites 9. Another Day In The Sun - The Moffs 10. Frozen World - Angie Pepper 11. Like A Curse - The New Christs 12. Out Of The Unknown - Died Pretty 13. Stoneage Cinderella - Died Pretty 14. What's the News Today - Fixed Up 15. It's My Time - The Someloves 16. Boobalooba Beach - The Stonefish 17. Legacy Of Morons - The Trilobites 18. Born Out Of Time - The New Christs 19. Born Killer - The Bamboos 20. Clean Your Eyes - Meera Atkinson 21. The Hands Have Control - Porcelain Bus 22. Sailor's Dream - The Wet Taxis 23. Final Twist - Died Pretty