Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Bad News Bears Gets More Disturbing—and Awesome—Every Year

The Bad News Bears Gets More Disturbing—and Awesome—Every Year:
As Tim Cavanaugh famously observed, Tanner Boyle is the "moral center" of the picture. |||How have you celebrated Major
League Baseball's opening week, Daddy-O? I prepared for the season
in the usual fashion—screaming at
willfully ignorant L.A. Times sports columnists
, and
watching MLB Network's surprisingly enjoyable "Bleacher
" movie series, especially its rebroadcasts of that
latchkey classic
, The Bad News Bears.
If you haven't seen The Bad News Bears, you really
should (baseball fandom is not a pre-requisite). Short of that,
enjoy the trailer below, which is currently being discussed with
occasional alarm over at
, under the subject-header:
"Jews, spics, niggers, and now a girl?" Actual line delivered by
an 11 year-old in the 1976 Paramount trailer for "The Bad News
Ah, you're interested now, aren't you?

Before dismissing the discomfort at this as just another sign
that kids nowadays are P.C. softies, it's worth remembering that,
as I wrote in 2005
after viewing the neutered re-make starring Billy Bob Thornton, it
could just be that America has moved on to a mostly better
Also, we thankfully now live in a country where FILTHY HIPPIES are kept at arm's length from adorable Latino kids. |||We now live in a country where
big moments on the professional baseball diamond are no longer
automatically accompanied by thousands of half-drunk fans flooding
the field to tackle the victors; where power black-outs are no
longer guaranteed riots; where inflation is tamed, presidents
aren't morose, and Little League is no longer the favorite dumping
ground for latch-key parents. 
Movies are reflections of their times, and one of the few perks
of encroaching middle age is that we get to enjoy the shocked
reactions when younger generations encounter the anachronistic
rancidness of our childhood faves. Also, I can exclusively report
that The Bad News Bears still totally holds up, though as
the trailer hints at above, it is on the slow side
compared to modern editing practices.
Hat tip to my former
co-Little League team coach
, Tony Pierce.