Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The beauty of Tenerife

The beauty of Tenerife:

Tenerife is a cool place with rugged landscapes and stunning views from mount Teide, be sure to check out the awesome timelapse at the end of the post. Guest writer Jenni Tulip from Jet2 gives us a glimpse of Tenerife:
Tenerife’s Random but Interesting Rocks

Rocks. They don’t really do much do they? So why is it they end up in all kinds of random positions and we find ourselves getting out the smartphone or fancy camera to take their picture?
On Tenerife sits Mount Teide, a magnificent volcano that is officially the highest point in all of Spain (even though it dominates one of the Canary Islands). A spectacle in its own merit, but dotted around.
Where Did I Leave My Boulder

There is a sense that someone put this boulder here and forgot it. There is no natural explanation for why it is perfectly perched on a small wall of hardened lava.
tenerife01 The beauty of Tenerife

Photo Credit: Paul Brown
The Weight of the World

Some things defy explanation and this is one of them. It is a well photographed rock formation that steals the focus from the imposing Mount Teide in the background. A stack of rocks appear to be precariously balanced and look like they could blow over in a strong gust of wind. Alas, that hasn’t happened! It gives the impression of someone taking too much on their shoulders. Makes you feel tired just looking at it.
tenerife02 640x959 The beauty of Tenerife

Photo Credit: HMG Images
That’s Where My Roof Went

Just metres away from the previously mentioned rock is another that looks like a chunk of someone’s roof that has been torn off in a storm and stabbed into the terrain that surrounds Mount Teide.
It could be described as wood panelling, very small steps or just plain and simply a rock.
tenerife4 640x425 The beauty of Tenerife

Photo Credit: Michael Bolognesi
tenerife5 640x421 The beauty of Tenerife

Photo Credit: Leandro Trujillo
tenerife6 640x424 The beauty of Tenerife

Photo Credit: Martin Perez
tenerife3 640x425 The beauty of Tenerife

Photo Credit: Michael Bolognesi

Photo Credit Featured Image: Andrea Auf Dem Brinke
Written by Jenni Tulip from Jet2 who offers flights to Tenerife