Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Cramps - Live At Club 57, 1979 + Demos 1977-79

The Cramps - Live At Club 57, 1979 + Demos 1977-79:
                                  THE CRAMPS                                    

CRAMPS Live At Club 57 in 1979 Double-lp set of 21 songs, including an incredible 13-song live set recorded in 1979 with professional mixes for WPIX-FM NYC with full sonic assault! Probably the best Cramps early live performance and recording ever, with Bryan & Ivy's guitars complimenting each other most brilliantly, Nick Knox's drumming is superb, and Lux providing great vocals and between-song banter.  The version of "Human Fly" is like an a-bomb exploding in your living room! The top-quality sound on the 8 demos have previously appeared on 1 or 2 reissues with inferior sound quality so get ready to hear them properly. Dig!