Monday, April 22, 2013

THE GEORGE BARNES OCTET "The Complete Standard Transcriptions"

THE GEORGE BARNES OCTET "The Complete Standard Transcriptions": George Barnes may not be as well-remembered as Les Paul or Chet Atkins, but he was an influence on both and a master on par with the best jazz and country guitarists. The Complete Standard Transcriptions is a two-disc set that resurrects nearly 50 1946-1951 recordings of Barnes and his octet performing unique jazz-pop guitar instrumentals that bear little similarity to anyone else. The tight and inventive arrangements revolve around the interplay between Barnes' jazz/pop guitar leads and the octet's woodwinds, resulting in a delightfully different and surprising instrumental blend that sounds like the swingingest chamber music ever made. It's a minor miracle that such an extensive showcase of Barnes' talents exists and, as such, The Complete Standard Transcriptions is recommended not only for those who appreciate guitar wizardry and the Country All Stars scene of which Barnes was a part, but for all lovers of good music. (Greg Adams, Allmusic)

trax CD 1:
01 Twinkle, Twinkle 02 A Good Night For Murder 03 Hickory Dickory 04 London Bridgework 05 Concerto For Three Minutes 06 Man Riding Bicycle Down The Street Meets Fair Lady 07 Girl In A Picture Hat 08 Intricacies Of A Threshing Machine 09 Afternoon Of A Billy Goat 10 Parade Of The Wooden Easter Bunnies 11 Evening In London 12 Blondie Buys a Bonnet 13 Misty Morn 14 Sunday Drive 15 Private Life Of A Vulture 16 Fast And Fancy 17 Jumpin_ Jack 18 Sunny Day In May 19 Children On A Picnic 20 Muskrat Ramble 21 My Blue Heaven 22 The One I Love Belongs To Someone Else 23 It Must Be True (You Are Mine, All Mine) 24 Jeepers Creepers 25 All Of Me 26 The Love Nest 27 Always
trax CD 2:
01 Ain't She Sweet? 02 When I Take My Sugar To Tea 03 Aren't You Glad You're You 04 Kilroy Is Here 05 Chicago 06 Priority Of A Moonbeam 07 I Can't Give You Anything But Love 08 Starlight Interlude 09 Zebra's Derby 10 Somebody Loves Me 11 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 12 South Side Blues 13 Suite For Octette (Part 1 - Allegro Moderato) 14 Suite For Octette (Part 2 - Andante) 15 Suite For Octette (Part 3 - Scherzo) 16 Suite For Octette (Part 4 - Allegro) 17 September In The Rain 18 Something To Remember You By 19 Imagination 20 Jazz Band Ball 21 Undecided
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