Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Spoons - Strychnine [Unissued '93/'94]

The Spoons - Strychnine [Unissued '93/'94]:
                                   THE SPOONS                                    

Unissued 90's stuff from this Pula, Croatia garage revival legends. Started in late 80's with their own brand of 60's garage punk rock, they gained somethin' of a cult status. Influenced by such garage acts as Lyres, Fuzztones, Dead Moon, The Stooges, The Seeds, The Sonics they just can't go wrong. With their 2nd line-up [with Jim Lalock on ''psychotic'' lead vocals] they recorded Great ''Web Of Fuzz'' Lp as well as these unissued gems. Here you got all covers collection of some of their favorite garage tunes originally performed by The Sonics, Moving Sidewalks, Litter, Love, Human Beinz ... Dig!

01 Parchment Farm
02 99th Floor
03 Hey Joe
04 That's The Bag I'm In
05 You're Gonna Miss Me
06 Cinderella
07 Strychnine
08 The Witch
09 Nobody But Me
10 Living Sickness
11 Jack The Ripper
12 7 And 7 Is
13 Action Woman
14 Boss Hoss
15 Have Love Will Travel
16 Psycho