Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thought-Provoking Portraits Of Children And Where They Sleep

Thought-Provoking Portraits Of Children And Where They Sleep:

Risa, 15, Kyoto, Japan

English photographer James Mollison believes that a child’s bedroom says a lot about his/her circumstances.

In his ‘Where Children Sleep’ photography series, he explores the striking disparities among the lives of children from all over the world, by capturing a portrait of each child alongside his/her bedroom.

The portraiture series features children from places such as US, Mexico, Brazil, England, Italy, Israel and the West Bank, Kenya, Senegal, Lesotho, Nepal, China and India—with each pair of photographs telling the story of a child.

“I hope the book gives a glimpse into the lives some children are living in very diverse situations around the world; a chance to reflect on the inequality that exists, and realize just how lucky most of us in the developed world are,” Mollison said.

‘Where Children Sleep’ is available on Amazon.

Lamine, 12, Bounkiling village, Senegal

Tzvika, 9, Beitar Illit, The West Bank

Bikram, 9, Melamchi, Nepal

Alex, 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jasmine (Jazzy), 4, Kentucky, USA

Ahkohxet, 8, Amazonia, Brazil

Indira, 7, Kathmandu, Nepal

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