Monday, April 15, 2013

trickle down theory

trickle down theory:
Theory saying that if the rich get richer they will give their surplus cash to the poor. Of course this theory assumes that the rich aren't greedy bastards that will horde all their money in banks, spend it on two million dollar trips to space which benefit no one except the Russians that take them there, or blow it all on a Super Sweet Sixteen for their retarded daughters who get pissed that their parents got them the $200,000 car instead of the $300,000.

Factory Worker: Are you going to give us all pay raises since we've been working harder?

Factory Owner: Nope,my daughter want to get Tupac for her Sweet Sixteen.

Factory Worker: Isn't he dead?

Factory Owner: Yup, I had to spend your Christmas bonuses to dig him up.

Factory Worker: What the hell? What happened to the trickle down theory?