Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The process of (often aimlessly) browsing YouTube videos via the suggested/related videos that are provided on the YouTube sidebar or at the conclusion of a viewed YouTube clip.

Refers to the concept of the "dream, within a dream, within a dream" from the movie Inception; except users are experiencing a video, within a video, within a video.

Can often be a great way of finding obscure and random YouTube content that usually ends up being a world away from the initial search.

"Dude, I found this hilarious video of a kid falling off a see-saw"

"Yeah, how'd you get to that?"

"Tubeception, man: I started on a Slayer video, then just clicked away until I ended up at see-saw kid!"

"I was so bored at home, I ended up having a Tubeception session and realised how many damn cats are on here!"