Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vaccine Legislative Update: The Vaccine Police State is Knocking...

Vaccine Legislative Update: The Vaccine Police State is Knocking...: The National Vaccine Information Center's Advocacy Portal lists current vaccine bills throughout the United States. Right now, it lists from one to six vaccine bills in each of 30+ states. Most of these bills, if passed into law, would further expand an already out-of-control pharmaceutical vaccine agenda that seeks to require more vaccines for more people while further restricting our right to refuse them. Join the Portal NOW to help defend vaccine freedom of choice!

Here's a quick look at the authoritarian agendas being promoted by current bills around the U.S.:

1. Flu vaccines (6 states):

A) Required for healthcare workers: CT, IL, MO

B) Required for the elderly: CT

C) Must be offered to healthcare workers: GA, NJ

D) Must adopt a flu vaccine policy: CT

E) Health department may offer to kids in schools: PA

2. HPV vaccine (6 states):

A) Required: KY (boys and girls), NY, VA (boys)

B) Parents required to get information about: FL, GA

C) Health department can provide to girls entering 7th grade: SC *(unconstitutional if done without parental knowledge and consent

3. Meningitis vaccine: Required for middle school, high school and/or college students (7 states): IL, IN, MO, NE, NY, TN, TX

4. DTP vaccine: Hospitals must mandate to employees: NE

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