Monday, April 22, 2013

‘Vajacial’: A Post-Waxing Facial For Your Lady Part

‘Vajacial’: A Post-Waxing Facial For Your Lady Part:

Stript Wax Bar, a waxing salon in San Francisco, has introduced a new post-waxing service called the “Vajacial” that is like a facial session for your lady part.

The salon recommends that this treatment takes place a week after a Brazilian wax—it is designed to remove and prevent ingrown hair on the waxed area, and keep it smooth.

The Vajacial involves four steps: cleansing, exfoliating, extraction of ingrown hair, and the application of an anti-freckles, anti-acne calming mask at the end.

As Belle Sugar has correctly pointed out, this is technically a procedure for the vulva and not the vagina, which means that it should be named “Vulvacial” instead.

Although the service is obviously meant to be a pampering beauty session, we cannot help but think that it is taking our society’s obsession with personal grooming a little too far—what do you think?

[via Belle Sugar]