Friday, April 12, 2013

World’s Largest Message-In-A-Bottle, Voyaging Across The Atlantic

World’s Largest Message-In-A-Bottle, Voyaging Across The Atlantic: [Click here to view the video in this article]

To promote Norwegian soft drink Solo, agency Try/Apt Oslo created what’s said to be the “world’s largest message in a bottle”.

The behemoth bottle is a 26-foot-long replica of the beverage’s bright-colored bottle and weighs 2.5 tons—it holds a case of Solo and a 12-square meter letter, which would be the winning prize of whoever finds it.

It is also unmanned, and equipped with cameras to document its journey in pictures, and a GPS to track and tweet its location.

Solo released the bottle into the ocean, off the Tenerife coast last month, and it is currently making its way across the Atlantic.

How long its voyage will last? No one knows.

“It’s impossible to tell how long the voyage will last, hopefully we will not end up breaking the Captain Brown record for the oldest message in a bottle—it roamed the sea for 97 years and 309 days,” Joakim Sanda, Solo CEO, said in a statement.

You can follow the journey of the world’s largest bottle on Twitter at @solosoftdrink, Facebook and at

[via PRNewswire]