Friday, April 26, 2013

You Knew It Was Coming...First Vaccine Announced For Autism

You Knew It Was Coming...First Vaccine Announced For Autism: A first-ever vaccine created by University of Guelph researchers to control autistic symptoms is here. The medical propaganda matrix has once again come full circle with their patented problem-reaction-solution. Although there is no study which directly links vaccines as the cause of autism, there have been hundreds of others with correlations. Even if scientists are dismissive on the causation front, why do they continue to explore methods which are misinformed, misguided and completely ineffective?

Constipation and diarrhea are common in autistic patients. So what's the solution? A vaccine of course.

Physicians bombard austistic children with antibiotics for a bacteria Clostridium bolteae that has been shown in overabundance in the intestinal tract of autistic children suffering from gastric intestinal ailments.

Some research has noted that an autism-associated neurotoxin produced by Clostridium bolteae may play a role in triggering late-onset autism in some individuals.

The study by Brittany Pequegnat and Guelph University chemistry professor Mario Monteiro appears this month in the journal Vaccine.

They developed a carbohydrate-based vaccine against the bactera.

What is particularly interesting about this vaccine is that researchers know practically nothing about why autistic children have higher concentrations of the bacteria, or whether or not it specifically causes the range of gastrointestinal distress these children experience. “Little is known about the factors that predispose autistic children to C. bolteae,” said Monteiro. Although most infections are handled by some antibiotics, he said, a vaccine would improve current treatment.

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