Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 More Reasons to Fear the IRS

3 More Reasons to Fear the IRS:
So the IRS has admitted to sitting on applications for
tax-exempt status by Tea Party groups for political reasons.
According to the government’s
own investigation
, applications containing terms such as Tea
Party and Patriot were singled out for delays and holds even as
groups with liberal-sounding names like "Bus for Progress" and
"Progress Florida"
sailed through the process
President Obama said “the report's findings are intolerable and
inexcusable” and even fired the acting head of the Internal Revenue
Regardless of how this particular scandal shakes out, there’s
still going to be at least three good reasons to be scared as hell
of the IRS.
1. It’s always been a political weapon.
John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon all
sicced the IRS on enemies and dissenters. And they were just
following in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt, whose
son said
 his father was “the originator of the
concept of employing the IRS as a weapon of political
2. Its rulings are super-complicated and

The federal tax code is longer than Atlas Shrugged, Ulysses, and
the Old Testament put together. It’s so complicated that even
former IRS commissioners need
 preparing their returns.
3. It's Obamacare's enforcement

Starting next year, the IRS will be the cop patrolling the
Affordable Care Act’s mandates, with the agency
overseeing some 47
tax provisions related to Obamacare
. You won’t just be
reporting income anymore. You’ll be explaining when, where, and how
you bought health care as well.