Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Yellow ‘Little Free Library’ Pops Up In New York City

A Yellow ‘Little Free Library’ Pops Up In New York City:

In partnership with Pen World Voices Festival, New York-based architectural firm Stereotank was one of the ten designers to set up a ‘Little Free Library’.

Found in Downtown Manhattan at St Patrick’s Old Cathedral School in Nolita, Stereotank’s Little Free Library lets visitors duck under and into the inversed yellow plastic tank—visitors can be ‘cut out’ from the outside world, and immerse himself/herself with books found within the cubbyhole.

But if they like, from the inside, visitors in the little yellow library can also peek outside.

Passers-by can take their time to browse at the selection, and borrow or exchange a book.

[via Stereotank]