Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brilliant Illustrated Cookbook Shows Recipes As Infographics

Brilliant Illustrated Cookbook Shows Recipes As Infographics:

New York-based designer and illustrator Katie Shelly has created an ingenious new cookbook that translates recipes into easy-to-follow infographics.

Knowing how tedious it can be to wade through text-heavy recipes, Shelly’s illustrated instructions keep words to a minimal and use simple drawings and arrows instead to bring their messages across.

From a simple recipe for Ginger Tea to a labor-intensive Rice Pudding, Picture Cook: See. Make. Eat “distills 50 homey recipes into their most basic components and renders them step by step in enchanting line drawings like nothing ever seen in a cookbook”.

If you are a visual learner, you will appreciate the charming drawings in this unusual cookbook, which will allow you to pick up complicated dishes at a glance.

Picture Cook is set to be released in October 2013, but you can preorder it right now on Amazon—preview some of the recipes featured in the book below.

[via Fast Co Design]