Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Capture 360-Degree Videos With This iPhone Add-On

Capture 360-Degree Videos With This Smartphone Add-On:

Created by Kogeto, ‘Dot’ is an add-on for your smartphone that lets you shoot 360-degree interactive videos, without much hassle.

All users have to do is to snap the lens gadget on their iPhone 4/4S, open the Looker app, and they’re ready to shoot the panoramic video—called ‘Dotspots’.

No need to pause in the midst of an activity to turn 360-degrees in a circle, or anything of that sort to ensure you get the view all around.

Users can share the interactive videos via email, on Facebook and Twitter, or their blogs with the embed code.

The interactive videos let viewers, or those you share the videos with, view all around as the videos play.

Dot is currently retailing at US$27.99.

Check out the cool, 360-degree videos below:

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