Thursday, May 30, 2013

Coffee vs. Beer: Which Drink Makes You More Creative?

Photo: ondrej.lipar (CC)Coffee vs. Beer: Which Drink Makes You More Creative?:

Photo: ondrej.lipar (CC)

Mikael Cho, Co-Founder of @ooomf, takes advantage of a ban on drinking water in Montreal to test out coffee versus beer in the creativity stakes, writing at Medium:

What is creativity really?

From a scientific perspective, creativity is your ability to think of something original from connections made between pre-existing ideas in your brain.
These connections are controlled by neurotransmitters like adenosine, which alerts your brain when you’re running out of energy and reacts by slowing down the connections made between neurons by binding to adenosine receptors.
Adenosine is kind of like your brain’s battery status monitor. Once your energy levels get low, adenosine alerts your brain and starts to slow down brain functioning.
This is why after a few hours of intense work, you begin to feel tired, like your brain has run out of juice.
The only way to recharge it is to take a break; unless, you’ve got a secret weapon handy.
Your brain on coffee

Every coffee drinker is familiar with the feelings after drinking a fresh cup of java.
I know after I’ve had a latte or espresso, I feel more focused.
If I’m having a conversation with someone, words seem to flow without pauses, ums, or ahs.
If I’m writing, my fingers never stop typing.
This happens because caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, preventing adenosine from binding to it’s receptors and tricking your brain into thinking you have lots of energy…

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