Sunday, May 12, 2013

Endearing Portraits Of Grannies And Their Delicious Cooking

Endearing Portraits Of Grannies And Their Delicious Cooking:

Like all concerned and loving grandmothers, Gabriel Galimberti's grandma worried about him eating well, whenever he went off jet-setting for work.

To make sure he ate something that she considered decent, she would prepare her signature ravioli dish for him before he left.

Galimberti didn't want his grandmother to worry, so he told her, “you know, Grandma, there are many other grandmas around the world and most of them are really good cooks. I’m going to meet them and ask them to cook for me so I can show you that you don’t have to be worried for me and the food that I will eat!”

And that was how his project, ‘Delicatessen With Love’, was born.

Galimberti went to 58 countries and took portraits of the grandmothers he met as well as pictures of their signature dishes.

Meet some of the adorable grannies he met on his travels as well as their scrumptious cooking, below:

Inara Runtule, 68, Kekava, Latvia. ‘Silke’ or herring with potatoes and cottage cheese:

Grace Estibero, 82, Mumbai, India. Chicken vindaloo:

Susann Soresen, 81, Homer, Alaska. Moose steak:

Serette Charles, 63, Saint-Jean du Sud, Haiti. Lambi in creole sauce:

Marisa Batini, 80, Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy. Swiss chard and ricotta Ravioli with meat sauce:

Normita Sambu Arap, 65, Oltepessi (Masaai Mara), Kenya. ‘Mboga and orgali’ or white corn polenta with vegetables and goat:

Julia Enaigua, 71, La Paz, Bolivia. ‘Queso Humacha’ or vegetables and fresh cheese soup:

Fifi Makhmer, 62, Cairo, Egypt. ‘Kuoshry’ or pasta, rice and legumes pie:

Isolina Perez De Vargas, 83, Mendoza, Argentina. ‘Asado criollo’ or mixed meats barbecue:

Bisrat Melake, 60, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Enjera with curry and vegetables:

Maria Luz Fedric, 53, Cayman Islands. Honduran Iguana with rice and beans:

[via, images via Gabriel Galimberti]