Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finding Freedom In A Crazy World

Finding Freedom In A Crazy World: By Michael Roads

The world isn’t crazy… and freedom is within! But, I have to confess, it sure looks that way! In fact, when I look through the eyes of illusion I see a world that is totally insane. Crazy doesn’t get close!

So, what to do? Do we relate to the illusions of life, and try to get a feeling for what is happening and try to understand, or do we pull back from illusion and learn to see ‘what is’ through the eyes of Truth? Just for a moment, let’s look at the illusions.

Physically, the people of the world have never been so sick, and this in a time when, on some levels, there has never been a greater opportunity for really healthy living. I have no doubt about the reason for this. Over the past few centuries, we, the people of most countries have been gradually cajoled into releasing personal responsibility for our health. During the 20th century most people finally abdicated from any sense of, “this is my body, this is my health, I am fully responsible for it.”

Somewhere in all this, the pharmaceutical drug companies grew huge, and healing succumbed to drugging, while medicine itself was seduced to convert from body-friendly to body-destructive. And we, the people, just let it happen. We could, of course, say that we didn’t know what was happening, and this may be true, but we did, en masse, withdraw our own innate responsibility for our own personal health. This, along with a poisoned world environment, has sent our overall well-being into a rapid decline. Now, those of us who are more aware are finally taking responsibility for our own health, but seriously, we are a tiny minority in this crazy world.

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