Thursday, May 9, 2013

Flowchart: New Emotions Invented By The Internet #FirstWorldProblems

Flowchart: New Emotions Invented By The Internet:

Design student Pei-Ying Lin has created an interesting flowchart that maps five new emotions that have been invented by the internet, alongside more “traditional” emotions like love, anger and sadness.

As there are no words in the English language yet for these newly-minted emotions, they are represented by brief descriptions on the chart that explain how and when they manifest.

For instance, one may feel “a sudden and irrational rage in response to reading an ‘@-reply’ on Twitter.

It seems noteworthy that most of these new emotions are negative—they are usually a mix of commonly known negative emotions like anxiety and despair.

Can you relate to these “internet emotions”?

View the full chart below:

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[via PopSci]