Saturday, May 11, 2013

Frightening Future of Socialized Healthcare: Nearly One Million Veterans In Backlog; 20,000 Die Each Year Waiting for Medical Care

Frightening Future of Socialized Healthcare: Nearly One Million Veterans In Backlog; 20,000 Die Each Year Waiting for Medical Care:
In coming years the President’s landmark Affordable Care Act will be integrated into the American health care system with the promise of providing free, abundant and complete medical care for every American citizen who needs it.
There are those who claim that the new law, passed through Congress without ever having been read by a single Senator or State Representative, is the solution to all of our problems. Its aim is to have the government manage not only the doctors in America, but the specific care that an individual will be able to receive based on their personal needs.
On paper, the idea that every American will have access to free and efficient health care seems like a dream come true.
However, like everything the government touches, the pipe dream of universal health care functioning effectively in a system plagued by corruption, corporate malfeasance, bureaucracy  and greed will end disastrously.
How could we make such a suggestion without first giving it a try?
America’s military veterans have been depending on a government managed health care system for decades. If the efficiency and care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs is any guide, then what the rest of us have to look forward to is a cradle-to-grave existence of frustration, pain, suffering and a lack of any kind of oversight for our health care needs.
There are currently over 900,000 disability claims cases from veterans waiting to be processed, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting.
The average time to process a claim at the VA is now 272 days, or approximately 9 months, according to the Center. In many cases, the wait is sometimes over a year, Enyart said.
“These men and women are rightfully entitled to prompt adjudication and payment for their claims,” Enyart said. “Often these disabled veterans are unable to work because of their injuries and they are suffering without income while waiting on the VA to process their claims.”
That’s one million American veterans who have been promised health care by our government and are being completely ignored.
Many live in pain every day of their life, often without any sort of treatment provided by their local VA hospital.
Others are depending on disability to checks to pay the rent and put food on the table; disability checks that never come in the mail because they are still waiting for a professional VA assessor to determine if they are worthy of assistance.
In a recent Veteran’s Day speech, President Obama made the following claim:
We take care of our own. We take care of our veterans.
We take care of your families, not just by saluting you on one day, once a year, but by fighting for you and your families every day of every year. That’s our obligation, a sacred obligation to all of you.
If the nearly one million American veterans whose medical claims are currently backlogged are this important to the President, then this country is in for a world of hurt.
Supporters of Obamacare will deny the existence of “death panels” which will have authority to determine who or who does not receive treatment for certain diseases or conditions under the new health care laws.
Guess what?
The death panels are already fully operational at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Last year, as hundreds of thousands of veterans’ claims were shuffled across the desks of VA bureaucrats, 20,000 veterans died awaiting medical care that could have saved their lives.
This is how much President Obama, his administration, our Congressional representatives and government administrators care.
They care that much about you and your family, too.

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