Friday, May 31, 2013

Helpful, Human, Humble. “Be Flawesome = awesome w/ your flaws."

Helpful, Human, Humble:
One of the great challenges in social media is for marketers to understand that they are neither broadcasting nor (directly) trying to sell something, but instead trying to become a valued member of a community. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, or LinkedIn, your success will depend on understanding the underlying interests, motivations, and behaviors of your audience. How your fans/readers/followers/friends are using this knowledge can help inform your content and engagement strategy.
In addition to understanding your community, you need tools to analyze the effectiveness of different kinds of content/posts, and the relationships between them. For example, images work well, but so do “this or that” polls and open ended questions. At the same time, you can only post so often, and they can’t all be coupon offers or product pitches. Furthermore, when should you post certain types of posts, and how does this affect the rest of your content? By understanding these patterns of engagement, you can begin to optimize your posts by type, cadence, and distribution.
Finally, in social media (and in life), the 3H rule is critical. Be Helpful, Human, and Humble. (Also great if you can be relevant and humorous!)
I think this quote from Wendy Clark – SVP, Integrated Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company – captures it well:
“Be Flawesome = awesome w/ your flaws. Consumers aren’t interested in [your] corporate veneer. Brands must be real, authentic, human.”
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