Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In Which Country Would You Be Happiest?

In Which Country Would You Be Happiest?:
Every four years, half of the United States loudly threatens to move to the land of socialism and factory hospitals, Canada – the other half to the lands of guns ‘n banks, Switzerland. Is life that much better in one of the Empire’s outlying provinces or is it a case of the grass-is-greener?
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) may have put that question to rest with a fun and handy, online tool that allows users to rank the importance they place on one of several lifestyle factors: Income, Jobs, Housing, Safety, Community, Civic Engagement, Health, Life Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance, Environment and Education. Using data from the latest OECD statistical surveys, the app returns an ordered ranking of the countries that best fit the user’s selected criteria from among the 34 member states of the OECD.
If you’re a one-issue decider, and reset all option sliders to zero – but “max-out” one category – the top states are:
Jobs: Switzerland

Life Satisfaction: Switzerland

Housing: United States

Income: United States

Community: Iceland

Education: Finland

Environment: Sweden

Civic Engagement: Australia

Health: New Zealand

Safety: Japan

Work-Life Balance: Denmark
In other words, despite comprising 75-percent of the member states of the OECD, the European Union managed only to score 27-percent of the top spots (kudos to Denmark, Sweden and Finland).
Users can also check to see who would be better where. For instance, 25 year-old British men would be happier in Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, Norway, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Finland or New Zealand before Britain itself. Maybe that’s why they’re always rioting?
This Canadian’s results were: Canada, Switzerland and the USA. What were yours? Find out and report!

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