Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moore, Oklahoma in Google Earth

Moore, Oklahoma in Google Earth:
As Google often does after horrible events like the tornadoes in Oklahoma this week, Google has created a Crisis Response Page to assist with the relief effort.  The map includes a wealth of information including shelter locations, church and school closings, storm reports, a preliminary tornado track and much more.
In addition, the +Google for Media page has created 3D models of Plaza Towers Elementary School, Briarwood Elementary School and Moore Medical Center for use as needed.  You can download the models here.
Another source of mapping information is the BBC, which has a detailed map of the tornado, along with a variety of before/after pictures.
While the residents of Oklahoma will certainly value your thoughts and prayers, financial assistance is often the best way you can help.  We strongly encourage you to donate to the American Red Cross to support their efforts.
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