Wednesday, May 1, 2013

‘My Social Petwork’: A Social Network For Your Pets

‘My Social Petwork’: A Social Network For Your Pets:

My Social Petwork’ is a soon-to-be launched social network for your pets.

Like Facebook, pet owners can create online profiles for their pets; and share pictures, add posts, tag images, make friends with other pets and send private messages on behalf of their domestic animals on the social network.

The social network for pets will not only be restricted to cats and dogs, but is also open to other exotic animals, such as iguanas and tarantulas.

With the social network for pets, pet owners could probably also arrange for events and meet-ups to get to know each other and let their pets get to know each other.

If you had a pet, would you join this My Social Petwork for your pets?

[via My Social Petwork]