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"PSYCHEDELIC DISASTER WHIRL" (Deluxe 59 Track Expanded 2 CD Edition) (Remastered From The Original 45's)

"PSYCHEDELIC DISASTER WHIRL" (Deluxe 59 Track Expanded 2 CD Edition) (Remastered From The Original 45's): Back in the ‘80s, psychedelia wasn't just another flavor that every other band sprinkled into its music like chocolate jimmies on an ice cream cone. It was a murky, mysterious, and perhaps even somewhat foreboding lost world that only a brave few dared to enter. Even the original Nuggets set seemed like a distant artifact; it was, after all, released back in 1972, just a short time after the psych sound peaked. So when compilations like Pebbles and Rubble began to pop up in the ‘80s, it all seemed like a revelation, sparking both new interest in fans and the first psychedelic revival bands. Psychedelic Disaster Whirl is a lesser-known but equally important part of that enlightenment process; originally released in 1986 on limited-edition vinyl, it focused on the gritty, rough-edged, garage rock end of the psych spectrum. The front cover even sports a blurb that proudly proclaims "no flower power." Disaster Whirl went spelunking even deeper into those Nehru-jacket-bedecked mines than Nuggets -- most of the tracks included are rarities by groups that would seldom be heard of outside the confines of this collection and the dank basements of a handful of hardcore psych collectors. Reedy combo organs, electric rubber band fuzz-guitar riffs, and tough, Chocolate Watchband-esque vocals are in ample supply on tracks by the Starlites, the Caretakers of Deception, Perpetual Motion Workshop, and a gang of similarly inclined psych-stirrers. From the ominous sound of Plague's "Face of Time" to the primitive, almost proto-Half Japanese pounding of Sixpence's "In the Building," Psychedelic Disaster Whirl serves to remind us of a time when psychedelia still bore a thrilling sense of danger and discovery in equal amounts. (Allmusic)

trax disc 1:
1. The Face Of Time - The Plague 2. Won't Come Down - The Perpetual Motion Workshop 3. Everything - The Quiet Jungle 4. Shadow Of Fear - The Last Knight 5. Optical Sound - The Human Expression 6. In The Building - Thee Sixpence 7. World Of Tears - The Children Of The Night 8. You Don't Remember - The 20th Century Zoo 9. Yellow Listen - The Scorpio Tube 10. What Good Is Up - The Inexpensive Handmade Look 11. I Can't See You - The Starlites 12. Infiltrate Your Mind - The Perpetual Motion Workshop 13. Cry With Me - The Story Tellers 14. Cuttin' Grass - The Caretakers Of Deception 15. Coming Down To You - The Boys Blue 16. Hold Me Baby - The Strange Fate 17. Travel Agent Man - The Sound Apparatus 18. Our Love Should Last Forever - The What 4 19. Psychedelic Ride - The Ides 20. The Inferno - The Inferno 21. Without My Love - The Es Shades 22. You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Mind -Demo - The Third Bardo 23. Yesterday We Laughed - The Cirkit 24. (I Remember) How It Used To Be - Oedipus & The Mothers 25. Tall Grass - Phorenbach Delegation 26. Painted Air - The Remaining Few 27. Anyhow, Anyday - The Es Shades 28. Relative Distance - The Fumin' Humans 29. Lost Soul In Disillusion - The Power Of Beckett
trax disc 2:
1. Girl Of The 13th Hour - Chaz & The Classics 2. I Can Feel It - The Children 3. Don't Lose Your Mind - The Galaxies IV 4. Psychedelic Retraction - Creation's Disciples 5. All I Want - The Colony 6. Last Trip - We Who Are 7. Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally - The Hallmarks 8. Tilt-A-Whirl - Leo & The Prophets 9. She's A Teaser - The Livin' End 10. It's Trash - The Cave Men 11. We Got It - The Night People 12. I Can Only Give You Everything - The Iguanas 13. You're In My Mind - The Graf Zepplin 14. Love At Psychedelic Velocity - The Human Expression 15. 1523 Blair - The Outcasts 16. Trippin' Out - Something Wild 17. Suzy Creamcheese - Teddy & His Patches 18. A Dark Corner - The Bourbons 19. Faces - The Hangmen 20. Torture - A-440 21. Velvet Illusions - The Velvet Illusions 22. Voices Green & Purple - The Bees 23. Black Lightning Light - The Shy Guys 24. Love Man - 50th Anniversary Zoo 25. I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD) - The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 26. From The Womb To The Tomb - The Orange Wedge 27. Foolish Woman - The Oxford Circle 28. On The Road South - The Stereo Shoestring 29. Of Old Approximately - The Bourbons 30. Day Breaks At Dawn - The Background
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