Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rare Surf Vol.5 - The Capitol Masters

Rare Surf Vol.5 - The Capitol Masters:
                               RARE SURF VOL.5                             

Nothing on Rare Surf, Vol. 5: The Capitol Masters 1 will make you forget about the Beach Boys or Dick Dale, but there are some definite rarities lurking on this disc that will make surf-era collectors sit up and take notice. Among the oddities here are a King Curtis surf single, "Beach Party," a pre-Love Arthur Lee and his group the L.A.G.'s doing a passable Booker T. & the MG's imitation on "Ninth Wave," the Brian Wilson-produced group the Honeys singing the bizarre "Surfin' Down the Sewanne River," a young Wayne Newton singing a couple of forgettable surf tunes, and four songs by the City Surfers, a studio group featuring Bobby Darin on drums, a pre-Byrds (and pre-Roger) Jim McGuinn on guitar, and vocalist Frank Gari. [AMG] 
Some so so vocal stuff mixed with some cool instros. The choice is yours, Dig!