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Scientific Nuclear Fraud At Major Universities; Uncovered And Analyzed #SanOnofre

Scientific Nuclear Fraud At Major Universities; Uncovered And Analyzed:

Official Nuclear Radiation Study; Tokyo University

Hayno, R.S., et al (2013) Internal Radiocesium Contamination of Adults and Children 7 to 20 Months After the Fukushima NPP Accident as Measured by Extensive Whole-Body-Counter Surveys, Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser B, 4, 157-163

30,000 people were given a whole body radiation scan, and the conclusion from this team of supposed nuclear 'experts', scientists and professors was that no radioactive cesium was found in 99% of the residents living close to the Fukushima ground zero nuclear plant. 

Fumikazu Asai (2013, April 11) Study: No radioactive cesium in 99% of Fukushima, Ibaraki residents

However, this supposed scientific 'study' or research has severe problems both in the collection of the data and the conclusion that was reached. The following articles deconstruct the study and show why is it nothing more than very bad, nonscientific nuclear industry propaganda. 

Japanese study heralding no contamination from Fukushima DECONSTRUCTED by Pink Flamingo and Majia here:

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Bottom line, the 'experts' concluded there was no radiation detected, because 'only' 1% of those tested had cesium levels of 300 Bq/kg or over, out of the 30,000 participants tested. 

The only problem with this conclusion is that post Chernobyl studies showed that as little as 50 Bq/kg of cesium caused lesions in the heart and other organs, plus the threat of major diseases and/or death from heart attacks in 100% of children. This means that the basic premise of this supposedly 'scientific' study is so flawed, that it is completely worthless.

For all of the scientific, medical and other studies that prove that low dose radiation does cause harm, both internally and externally, click on the following links...

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The nuclear industry believes that only very high doses of EXTERNAL radiation can cause harm in any way and that internal radiation at doses under 300 Bq/kg cannot do any harm.

Then nuclear 'experts' support the nuclear industry position in a quid pro quo relationship, which means they receive financial or other perks such as political positions, for giving a certain prearranged outcome or beneficial to the nuclear industry result. All data received is massaged via computer models or 'estimates' to fit this preconceived notion that bears little or no relationship to reality. 

These nuclear 'experts' draw no distinction between the effects of low dose radiation on mature healthy adults, an egg, sperm, a fetus and small children. The fact that one almost undetectable nano particle of plutonium inside the body, lodged next to or inside of a cell can have mutagenetic or cancer causing effects on surrounding cells, including an egg or sperm, simply does not register on them. Internal low dose radiation is not acknowledged as a potential source of harm, unless it is registered in massive amounts that will kill a person in a very short period of time.

This study only measured for extremely high levels of cesium that would mean quick death, but ignored low levels of plutonium, strontium or 100 other toxic and deadly radioactive isotopes that they also could have looked for and found, which cause negative health effects, and long term cancers or death.  

In another example of nuclear industry propaganda, a nuclear 'expert' claims that "Fukushima Daiichi plant “did amazingly well” — “Performed beyond its best expectations”

The only problem with this positive spin is that the nuclear industry experts knew very well that these nuclear reactors had a number of design flaws, such as the following, outlined by PhilliUpNorth via Enenews; 

"15 Design Flaws In GE Mark 1 Reactors

1. Containment Vessel is too small to contain a nuclear meltdown.
2. Torus, added to fix containment issue, failed when molten corium melted through steel pipes.
3. Stack Venting, added to fix containment issue, failed when valves stuck closed during power failure.
4. Zirconium fuel cladding gives off explosive levels of hydrogen when heated by melting fuel.
5. Vapors of zirconium and cesium formed an explosive mixture during a reactor meltdown, destroying the buildings, controls and safety systems in huge hydrogen explosions. 
6. Spent Fuel Pools are located 100' high in the reactor building, making removal of melted fuel nearly impossible in destroyed buildings.
7. MOX fuel was used in an old plant, pushing temperatures and pressures higher then reactor design, causing failure and criticality explosion in #3 at Fukushima. 
8. Diesel generators, pumps, and fuel tanks vulnerable to tsunami.
9. Reactors require electricity to shut down, melt down if without power. 
10. Temperature and pressure gauges require electricity to operate.
11. Without power, control rooms cannot tell what is happening inside reactors.
12. Without power, operators are powerless (literally) to control reactors.
13. Mobile backup generators were wrong voltage to connect to switchgear.
14. Mobile pumps and fire engines do not have enough pressure to get water into the reactors.
15. Control rods insert from below, and leak molten corium through many holes in the bottom of reactor during a meltdown."

There are potentially 100-200 additional flaws, weaknesses and/or bad designs in this particular brand of nuclear reactor made by GE. Nuclear engineers quit rather than continue to work on it. But when these flaws and poor designs result in a massive accident, the best that the nuclear experts can do is to say that it 'performed better than it's best expectations'. Maybe they mean to say that they had zero expectations for it, so anything is better than nothing.

People who care about our future and community keep warning us, but very few listen or seem to care..

Little or nothing is done about the 20 plus nuclear reactors of the same design operating in the USA, in order to address the obvious problems found. The companies responsible seem to not be learning the lessons needed from this disaster. 

Nuclear Disaster Lessons NOT Being Learned By GE, Westinghouse Electric, Hitachi, Toshiba; via @AGreenRoad

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Bottom line, we are on a collision course with a catastrophic global disaster, if we do not change the current power structure, which is based on greed and control from the top down in huge corporations owned and controlled by a 1% that is acting more like serial murderer psychopaths than humans.

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

This global disaster is being created by the corporate owned nuclear, mass media medical and military industrial complex. Almost all of these corporations operate together in a monopolistic manner; one industry supports and contributes to another, while ignoring, denying or covering up their 'sins' of omission and commission.

Drugs, Medicine and GMO's

What will it take to change this course that our ship has taken to a disastrous reef, that will tear the bottom out of our civilized world?

As the Dalai Lama says, TELL THE TRUTH, be transparent and WARM HEARTED. Forgive everyone, and do not be attached to power and money. These things you cannot take with you. You are a soul in a physical body.

Spiritual, Interfaith, Consciousness; How To Create Heaven On Earth

Holistic Living And Green Energy

What you do in this lifetime affects not only the whole world for seven future generations, but also your own future, as a soul. Whether you believe in a Heaven or Hell, or future lives that you reincarnate back into, you create the future you deserve. This life is a grand mystery, meant to be explored and discovered, not covered up and denied for short term selfish profit and ego reasons.

Exploring the Inner and Outer Mysteries of Life

Peace, War, Human Rights, Justice, Prisons

If your life is based on lies, greed, power, controlling others, and hatred of xxx groups, then that will ensure Hell or devolving into an animal, insect or rock as a future for you, because we humans only evolve based on love, not hatred or fear. All 'true' spiritual masters teach love and forgiveness.