Friday, May 10, 2013

The Chesterfield Kings "The Berlin Wall Of Sound" 1990

The Chesterfield Kings "The Berlin Wall Of Sound" 1990: With the addition of blues guitarist Paul Rocco, The Berlin Wall of Sound (Mirror, 1990) adopted a much harder sound and displayed an arrogant, macho stance (Love Hate Revenge, Sick And Tired Of You). Coke Bottle Blues is an imitation of Howling Wolf, that preludes to Drunk On Muddy Water (Mirror, 1990), an album of blues covers. - Piero ScaruffiAfter taking three years off from recording, the Chesterfield Kings finally released The Berlin Wall of Sound in 1990 and no doubt frightened many longtime fans by relinquishing every grasp on '60s garage-rock, instead delivering a New York Dolls / Heartbreakers approach. Retaining only original singer Greg Provost and original bassist Andy Babiuk, the album is surprisingly heartfelt, despite a wooden blues progression and some overblown, metallic nonsense that borders on the edge of ridiculous. The Hammond organ has disappeared, but The Kings make the new sound work for them, at least until the end of the record. - Matt Carlson/AMGtrax:
01 Richard Speck 02 Dual Action 03 No Purpose In Life 04 Coke Bottle Blues 05 (I'm So) Sick And Tired Of You 06 Love, Hate, Revenge 07 Branded On My Heart 08 Teenage Thunder 09 Come Back Angeline 10 Pills 11 Who's To Blame 12 Coke Bottle Blues Revisited (A Tribute To Johnny)