Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Harsh Truth About Buying Adorable Puppies From Pet Shops

The Harsh Truth About Buying Adorable Puppies From Pet Shops:

To raise awareness about puppy mill cruelty, Singapore-based animal welfare groups teamed up with integrated digital and social media agency, Yolk, to create an interactive website.

Targeted at those looking to buy a dog from a pet shop, Pawfect Pets features a cute little puppy that brings viewers back to where it really came from—large breeding facilities known as “puppy mills” or “pet farms”.

Puppy mills and pet farms aren’t as cute as they sound—according to the interactive website, these places keep dogs under inhumane conditions for the main purpose of breeding the ‘perfect pet’.

The dogs at these facilities are abused with lack of enough food, water and veterinary care, and they are just forced to reproduce over and over again—once they stop being able to reproduce, they’re thrown out.

Pawfect Pets encourages viewers to adopt their next pet—rather than buying one from a pet shop, which indirectly fuels this cruel industry.

[via Campaign Brief Asia]