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The Krontjong Devils "The Surfin Sounds Of The Krontjong Devils" 1996

The Krontjong Devils "The Surfin Sounds Of The Krontjong Devils" 1996: Here's some Dutch surf for the Zone. Enjoy! Greetings - WYV
Groninger surfrockers begonnen in 1990 en bestaan nog steeds. Grote bewonderaars van The Tielman Brothers en Dick Dale. The Krontjong Devils behoren tot de grote groep fans van surf rock in Groningen, die in de jaren negentig zelfs een Stichting oprichtte. Maakte een Amerikaanse tournee met live elpee op het Amerikaanse Telstar label.Three years ago I drove up north to the old city of Groningen to look at a group of young performers, who were presenting their debut EP at the club where the action is, the VERA teenclub. While entering the club the band was already playing on front of a crowd of swinging teenagers.
I was immediately impressed, in fact 'stunned' would be closer to the truth. The boys, Jan, Kees, Hendrik Jan, Jan Pier and Gerhard were fresh funny and totally uninhibited.
Through the years I've been following thede guys when they were playing at teendances and frat and poolparties. I can honestly report that sometimes the air was filled with off-key guitar playing and other misdemeanors, but then again there was always was that good humour and enthousiasm that made it easily bearable.
I have to admit that they started playing better and better since the first time I met our heroes. This can be heard on some great EP's you surely want to hear. I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this album - Dr. Oet connoisseur of great surf & garage rock&rollThe Krontjong Devils:
Kees de VRIES: guitar, vox / Hendrik JAN HORST: guitar / Jan VEENSTRA: guitar, vox / Gerhard RINSMA: bass, vox / Jan Pier BRANDS: drums, vox

1. Unknown 2. Shish Kebab 3. Bali Ha''i 4. Loempia 5. Yang Bu 6. Malaguena 7. The Breeze And I 8. Blue Surf 9. Music To Watch Girls By 10. Golash 11. Eleventh Hour 12. Vibrations 13. Bombora 14. Long Ride 15. Pipeline 16. Beach Head 17. Beat Girl 18. TWILIGHTZONE 19. The Jester 20. Midnight Run 21. Russian Roulette
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