Monday, May 13, 2013


"THE MONKEES MONO SINGLES COLLECTION": Here are the original mixes of The Monkees 13 singles now available on compact disc! All of their chart hits are here, presented in their original mono mixes, as released in the 60's. This collection includes the cover art for all 13 singles included in this set.trax:
01 Last Train To Clarksville  (Take A Giant Step A-Side, 8-66, Mono) 02 Take A Giant Step  (Last Train To Clarksville B-Side, 8-66, Mono) 03 I'm A Believer  (I'm Not Your - Stepping Stone A-Side, 11-66, Mono) 04 I'm Not Your - Stepping Stone  (I'm A Believer B-Side, 11-66, Mono) 05 A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You  (The Girl I Knew Somewhere A-Side, 3-67, Mono) 06 The Girl I Knew Somewhere  (A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You B-Side, 3-67, Mono) 07 Pleasant Valley Sunday  (Words A-Side, 7-67, Mono) 08 Words  (Pleasant Valley Sunday B-Side, 7-67, Mono) 09 Daydream Believer  (Goin' Down A-Side, 10-67, Mono) 10 Goin' Down  (Daydream Believer B-Side, 10-67, Mono) 11 Valleri  (Tapioca Tundra A-Side, 3-68, Mono) 12 Tapioca Tundra  (Valleri B-Side, 3-68, Mono) 13 D.W. Washburn  (It's Nice To Be With You A-Side, 6-68, Mono) 14 It's Nice To Be With You  (D.W. Washburn B-Side, 6-68, Mono) 15 Porpoise Song  (As We Go Along A-Side, 10-68, Mono) 16 As We Go Along  (Porpoise Song B-Side, 10-68, Mono) 17 Tear Drop City  (A Man Without A Dream, 2-69, Stereo) 18 A Man Without A Dream  (Tear Drop City B-Side, 2-69, Stereo) 19 Listen To The Band  (Someday Man A-Side, 4-69, Stereo) 20 Someday Man  (Listen To The Band B-Side, 4-69, Stereo) 21 Good Clean Fun  (Mommy And Daddy A-Side, 9-69, Stereo) 22 Mommy And Daddy  (Good Clean Fun B-Side, 9-69, Stereo) 23 Oh My My  (I Love You Better A-Side, 4-70, Stereo) 24 I Love You Better  (Oh My My B-Side, 4-70, Stereo) 25 Do It In The Name Of Love  (Lady Jane A-Side, 4-71, Stereo) 26 Lady Jane  (Do It In The Name Of Love B-Side, 4-71, Stereo)
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