Friday, May 31, 2013

You May Get Your Own 3D Printer Sooner Than You Think

You'll be able to build your own cubicle knick-knacks!You May Get Your Own 3D Printer Sooner Than You Think:
3d printers are hitting the
consumer market and they’re not cheap. But then, neither were PCs
when they first hit the consumer market.
notes that companies are innovating ways to get the
prices down fast:
Meet the Replicator 2. She’s top of the line, for home 3D
printers, and she’ll cost you $2,200, not including shipping.
That’s about what a good PC cost in the 1980s. And the parallels
between the personal computing revolution and the one in 3D
printing are irresistible (they’ve been made countless times in all
the usual places). Ok, so these things don’t do much more than
print out easily-breakable, rough-hewn plastic tchotchkes, but
watch out! Someday we’ll use them to solve the really big
Now meet the Pirate3D printer, care of a startup in Singapore.
It claims that once it launches, it will be the “world’s cheapest”
3D printer, at around $350 apiece.
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