Friday, May 17, 2013

Zen Guerrilla "Shadows On the Sun" (2001)

Zen Guerrilla "Shadows On the Sun" (2001): Here's another album from Zen Guerrilla. It has the same set-up as the previous album (Trance States In Tongues): Full-on bluesrock with the pedal to the metal. This one has the live-track (Fingers) recorded at the Lowlands on it, which is a tribute to Marvin Gaye. Enjoy & greetings - WYV

01 Barbed Wire 02 Inferno 03 Staring Into Midnight 04 Smoke Rings 05 Graffiti Hustle 06 Captian Infinity 07 Subway Transmission 08 Dirty Mile 09 Evening Sun 10 5th & Cecil B 11 Where's My Halo 12 Shadows 13 Zombies & Hobos 14 Fingers (live at Lowlands)
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