Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 reasons to nominate yourself for the TED Prize #NukeFreeCal

TED-Prize-winners-past5 reasons to nominate yourself for the TED Prize:

Some of the TED Prize winners of the past. Could you be the next?
Chances are, you’ve heard Ghandi’s famous words: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Now, you have an opportunity to bring this famous adage to life by dreaming up a high-impact collaborative action for the global community. The TED Prize is an annual $1 million grant given to a bold leader with an idea for a large-scale project, organization or campaign that has the potential to inspire the world. With the TED Prize nominations deadline on the horizon — all nominations must be received June 16 at midnight — there’s still time for you to nominate yourself and share your ambitious wish for the world.
Is a little nagging voice in your head discouraging you from stepping into the ring? Take TED speaker Adora Svitak’s wisdom to heart: “In order to make anything a reality you have to dream about it first. In many ways our audacity to imagine helps push the boundaries of possibility.” While humility is a valued trait for any TED Prize winning hopeful, it is key for nominees to be daring enough to envision a world-changing idea and bold enough to execute it.
If you’ve ever had a notion that one of your grand dreams could transform the world, here are 5 reasons why you should nominate yourself for the TED Prize.
  1. Because if not you, then who? Ask yourself: What if the world is waiting for a bright idea that only you can offer? You’re the best storyteller about your own experiences and the imaginings of your mind. While being recommended by someone else is an honor and carries the same weight as self-nomination, nominating yourself gives you an opportunity to share your unique, authentic and nuanced perspective.

  2. To build awareness for the issue you’re most passionate about. Do you ever wish that the issue you care about filled more headlines? If you apply for the Prize and win, the story of change you want the world to hear will be received in a multiplicity of ways. Plus, the next TED Prize winner will reveal their wish with their very own talk from the TED2014 stage. Winning the TED Prize will allow you to be even more of a cultural force, capable of moving hearts and minds across the globe to help make your wish come true.

  3. Because you’d get to inspire a collaborative action. How amazing would it be if your wish ended up inspiring folks in the TEDx community and beyond to commit their time and support toward making your brainchild a reality? If your bid for the TED Prize is successful, you’ll be able to leverage the community’s resources and potentially engage and mobilize thousands of TEDx organizers and catalysts.

  4. Because the prize will enable you to dream bigger. The prospect of getting $1 million to bring your idea into fruition provides you with a chance to consider how to take your existing vision to greater heights. Look at your current goals and inspirations and think about what you’d create with the help of significant seed funding plus strategic support. You will be able to expand your view about what’s possible.

  5. To diversify the landscape: Think about it — are voices like yours being adequately recognized for what you’re doing in your community or globally? If you ever feel like an unsung hero whose ideas and leadership have yet to receive the right platform to make the biggest impact, share your powerful idea for the world. What’s more, if you win, your audacity and ambition will serve as an inspiring model to future nominees.
Convinced? It’s time to own your expertise and consider the impact your unique ideas could have worldwide. Nominate yourself by June 16th at midnight EST.