Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Decorative Terrarium To Grow Your Own Edible Bugs

A Decorative Terrarium To Grow Your Own Edible Bugs:

The U.N. recently suggested that we should incorporate insects into our diet as a source of protein because they are less harmful to the environment than meat.

Developing on this suggestion, designer Mansour Ourasanah collaborated with KitchenAid to develop the LEPSIS, a small, decorative vessel that is used to grow and harvest insects for food.

The LEPSIS is made up of four modular units that combine to create a “vessel optimized for neatly breeding, feeding, harvesting and killing grasshoppers, before turning them into food”.

Although most of us would find eating insects repulsive, 80% of the world’s population already has insects as part of their diets.

Making insects a food source for the rapidly growing urban population could also significantly reduce the impact of unsustainable meat production.

According to Ourasanah, the “LEPSIS improves life by offering an unconventional but sustainable alternative to meat/protein production that doesn't require burning forests, cutting down trees, speeding global warming, and crippling the economy of third world countries”.

[Index Award, via Inhabitat]