Saturday, June 1, 2013

Evian App Allows You To ‘Peel Off’ Your Maturity For Fun

Evian App Allows You To ‘Peel Off’ Your Maturity For Fun: [Click here to view the video in this article]

Premium bottled-water brand Evian has launched an app which allows customers of any age to create a very convincing picture of the "baby inside them."

Created by BETC Digital and B-Reel, this app was realized to complement Evian's recent, 'Baby and Me' advertisement.

To participate in this 'youthful' activity, users upload their photos, allowing the app to use them to create a portrait of a person's "inner baby." The app takes inspiration from an individual's most prominent facial features and the clothes that s/he is wearing.

The app's aim is to "peel off" a person's maturity so as to generate pictures that emanate and depict a person's "baby spirit."

Digital 'age-reversal' is of course, not quite an exact science as of yet—if you're not satisfied with the rendered image of your baby self, you can adjust the skin tone and eye color according to your own preference.

Once you're happy with your baby image, you can join millions of others in this gobal 'baby spirit' movement, by sharing your picture with the global hashtag, #EVIANBABYANDME.

Here's hoping that your 'baby spirit' is cute:

Evian's 'Baby and Me' advertisement:

[The app is available on Facebook, iOS and Android devices]

[via, images via Google Play, Apple iTunes Store and Evian]