Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quid pro quo (you can't play ping pong by yourself)

Quid pro quo (you can't play ping pong by yourself):
The irony of "getting in return for giving" is that it doesn't work nearly as well as merely giving. Giving because you care, because you have something to say and because it feels right. No Tat.
Bloggers who measure the return on investment of every word, twitterers who view the platform as a self-promotional tool instead of a help-others tool, and those that won't contribute to Wikipedia and other projects because there's no upside... these folks are all missing the point.
It's not that difficult to figure out who's part of the online community for the right reasons. We can see it in your writing and in your actions. And those are the people we listen to and trust. Which, of course, paradoxically, means that these are the people we'll choose to do business with.
Sure, you'll contribute a lot. But in the long run, it's possible that you'll get more than you contribute.