Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sheldon Richman on Big Government and NSA Spying

Sheldon Richman on Big Government and NSA Spying:
“Instead of being adversaries
to government power … [the media of Washington, D.C., are] …
servants to it and mouthpieces for it.” So said
the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, who broke the
story of Edward Snowden’s disclosure of NSA spying on the American
people, after Greenwald’s confrontation with Meet the
Press’s David Gregory. Greenwald needn’t have limited his
observation to the D.C. media. Plenty of reporters and cable-news
talking heads are playing the same role in the NSA drama. If the
press spent half the time investigating Obama’s Big Brother
operations that they spend sneering at Snowden and Greenwald,
writes Sheldon Richman, Americans might demand that the government
stop spying on them.
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