Friday, June 14, 2013

Sneakers You Can Design And Draw On, Everyday

Sneakers You Can Design And Draw On, Everyday:

'Monkies' is what these easily-customizable erasable drawing sneakers are called.

Due to its unique whiteboard outer coating, the owners of a pair of these cool shoes can express themselves freely in an array of color, with the special marker pens that come with the sneakers.

The resulting personal designs will stay on all-day, even if the sneakers get caught in the rain. To erase, simply use a sponge to remove the previous decorations and start getting creative again.

Thanks to funding from Kickstarter, it will soon be possible for many to enjoy having a different sneaker design each and everyday (or multiple times a day, if you wish)—the sole draw back being that Monkies is only available to kids, at the moment.

We do wonder when Monkies for grown-ups will become available…

[via, images via Albin Warin & Julien Dias]