Friday, June 21, 2013

Spaghetti: Vol. 2 "Revenge" 1999

Spaghetti: Vol. 2 "Revenge" 1999: MOTORCYCHO MAGAZINE 13/ 99 (CAN): "l love this stuff! 16 scorched tunes that will inspire you to light up a cigar, mount your iron steed and head of into the sunset leaving a trail of dust that will choke those who fail to follow."GUITARS & DRUMS MAGAZINE 99 (F): "Bravo a Thomas Heidorn pour cet excellent album!"
OX MAGAZINE 3/ 99 (D): "Die ultimative Fortsetzung des legendären Western-Samplers "Duck you suckers!".
DYNAMITE/ 99 (D): "Herrliche Sachen. Das Ganze riecht förmlich nach Pulverdampf und sengender Hitze".
SUPERSTAR MAGAZINE 10/11/1999 (D): "Eine gelungene Interpretation der Italo-Western Soundtracks. 'NOTES 6,7/ 99 (D): "Label für extreme Coolness. Ein Meisterwerk! Eine liebevollere Hommage an ein phantastisches Genre kann man sich kaum vorstellen."
HANFBLATT MAGAZINE 10/ 99 (D): "Kein Wunder das Labelchef Heidorn mit seinen Samplern einen Verkaufserfolg nach dem anderen feieren kann"
TERZ MAGAZINE 10/99 (D): "Beim Höhren dieser Scheibe taucht DJANGO aus der Finsternis der Vergangenheit auf. Man spürt die heiße Glut der Sonne, HIGH NOON, Pulvergeruch allerorten, der lonesome Cowboy wie er der Sonne entgegenreitet um am Lagerfeuer schweigsam seine Kippe zu rauchen. Perfekte Mischung aus Trash und Melancholie."
LET's PLAY A GAME MAGAZINE #7/99 (F): "Un deuxieme volet reussi. On espere deja une suite."
BANZAI MAGAZINE #6/99 (D): "Wieder haben sich 16 bands zusammengefunden die sich den Colt und die Gitarre umschnallen, um den Geist der so lange verschollenen Spaghetti Western-Opern zu beschwören und es ist Ihnen gelungen!"Back in the early 1960's, Hollywood movie studios exhausted the concept of westerns. Hollywood westerns displayed rather tame action: a chase on horseback, a few bar room brawls, and the showdown at high noon became the cliche. Actors like Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart and American icon John Wayne played characters with bravado but little emotional depth. Enter Sergio Leone, the Italian director who revolutionized the way western movies were shot, produced, and sounded. Leone brought in new, unknown Italian and American actors. Most famous of these is Clint Eastwood, who played Manco in the "Man With No Name" trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) of movies.
Named "Euro-Westerns" or "Spaghetti-Westerns" by the public, these movies used a noir, more convincing style of filmaking. Gritty, sometimes fallible characters added to the realism of the picture. Now enter composer Ennio Morricone, the man who wrote the score and themes for many westerns (including A Fistful of Dollars, Guns Don't Argue, Two Guns For Ringo, among others). Leone, who was inspired by the German Composer Karl May, gave the viewer a sound of the "real" American Southwest, despite the fact most of Euro Westerns were shot on location in Spain. Sweeping epic-like themes soon appeared in Spaghetti-westerns and American westerns as well. Morricone incorporated electric guitar into the movie score, giving a modern touch to the films' music. Part Flamenco and part surf guitar, the music has probably become most associated with Spaghetti-Westerns as well as imitate. In the three decades since the decline of the genre, "Spaghetti-Western" surf music has evolved a "toughguy" reputation in the world of instro guitar rock 'n roll with it's outlaw/pistolero posing and "Morriconesque" sound. (lesson 1 digested by Brian Parrish)Band(itos) and trax:
1. DJango - Los Banditos 2. Gunman Left Standing - The Hellbenders 3. Sharkskin Buffalo - The Prodigals 4. Sombrero Del Diablo - The Falcons 5. Last Requiem - The OK Kings 6. The Holy Land - String Phantoms 7. Arnold'S Wild Ride - Death Valley 8. Lonely Spanish Hotel - The Surfdusters 9. Sundown - Lonestar 10. Macaroni - Bravo Komatsu 11. The Outlaw - Thee Phantom 5ive 12. Sin Afeitar Y Callado - The Oddballs Band 13. Cactus Your Ass - The Planatronics 14. Desert Floor - Cadillac Hitmen 15. Lonewolf Ganster - Los Rancheros 16. Flamingo Sunset - Hank Ray & Thee Executioners