Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Miracle Workers "Inside Out" 1985

The Miracle Workers "Inside Out" 1985: Unbelievable! Brilliant! This record epitomized the 80s Garage sound. Fuzz, Farfisa, snarling vocals...they never were better! And yes, this as well as "Moxie's Revenge" have been reissued on CD...Fave track: hard to pick one, but the track that I remember most fondly is "One step closer".Captures the sound and spirit of classic mid-to-late '60s garage rock. The band smokes through energetic and tight arrangements that are busy without sounding cluttered. The singer, Gerry Mohr, is wonderful, sounding lke a cross between a very young Jagger and a whiny brat, while Matt Rogers blazes through startling, searing guitar work. The Miracle Workers' music is rebellious and intelligent; nasty but charming and filled with enough vitality to make garage rock sound like it's being played for the first time.
Away From the Pulsebeat:
The Miracle Workers have put out two impressive EPs and a number of excellent comp cuts in the past. This record tops 'em all with ease. Greg Shaw does a knockout production job as usual, keeping the sound clear as well as noisy. Fabulous songwriting, stylish arrangements and playing, a distinct group personality; this ain't a name-that-tune Pebbles cover band but a great original group that oughtta be heard by anyone with an interest in good modern music. And fuck the categorizations.The Miracle Workers:
Gerry Mohr (vocals, harmonica, tambourine); Danny Demiankow (guitar, organ, background vocals); Matt Rogers (guitar, background vocals); Joel Barnett (bass); Gene Trautmann (drums, maracas, background vocals). Recorded at Silvery Moon Studios, Los Angeles, California.

1. Go Now 2. That Ain't Me 3. Inside Out 4. You'll Know Why 5. Another Guy 6. Love Has No Time 7. I'll Walk Away 8. 5:35 9. Tears 10. Already Gone 11. Hey Little Bird 12. Mystery Girl 13. One Step Closer To You