Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Miracle Workers "Primary Domain" 1989

The Miracle Workers "Primary Domain" 1989: the original five-piece lineup stomped and snarled through layers of fuzz much like local deities the Sonics and the WailersWhile the Pacific Northwest may now be quite renowned as a hotbed of rock & roll activity, Portland, OR's the Miracle Workers were wowing the kids with a gigantic, no-holds-barred rock sound that borrowed more from the Sonics and the Wailers than from Hendrix. After a couple of EPs in this vein, Greg Shaw of Bomp! Records recorded them for a less-barbaric but equally aggressive and very fast record, Inside Out, which reigns as the Miracle Workers' most fully realized effort. After numerous members departed, the band shifted its sound yet again, accommodating a penchant for Stooges/MC5-style blitzkrieg. The band finally disbanded after the release of 1991's Roll Out the Red Carpet. ~ Matt Carlson, All Music Guide...

The Miracle Workers:
Gerry Mohr: Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Vocals, Harpsichord / Gene Trautmann: Percussion, Drums, Vocals / Matt Rogers: Guitar, Guitar / Robert Butler: Harmonica, Bass

1. The Most Rightous Way 2. 69 Ways 3. Ninety-Nine 4. Long Gone On Her Night Train 5. Your Brown Eyes 6. Mary Jane 7. She Came To Stay 8. Tick Tock 9. Earlier Today 10. Take A Ride On My Magic Slide 11. Memory Lane 12. Senor Amor Theme